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Business Canada EMS Microcurrent spa clinic skin application oppertunity

be your own boss


Simple steps to become a Lumisenz certified clinic owner:

1. Complete our qualifying questionnaire

We would like to get to know you better, please take a moment to answer our questions. Click here to complete questionnaire. 

2. Let's get to know each other better

Our fearless leader/founder loves to get to know each potential age-defying business owner. She will contact you to personally speak with you, answer and questions you have and offer more detailed information about the business opportunity. She wants to get to know you and find out why you'd be a great owner.

3. Application process

After your successful phone call and all went well we will want to ensure that you are able to support your business venture and so next we will email you the confidential purchasers application.  

4. Review our disclosure package

Upon approval of your application we will require a signed Non-disclosure agreement which will then trigger the email pertaining our confidential financials and another details about the business model and systems.

5. Time for your Lumisenz experience

This is your invitation to come and experience the magic at our flagship clinic. See & feel for yourself the truly  undeniably, truly amazing, best facial and body sculpting work-out ever!  Learn why our system is a success and our guest keep coming back for more.

6. Sign the purchase agreement and do the happy dance!

The time we have all been waiting for. Signed purchase agreement, your business name is picked, your training dates are selected, your opening date is confirmed...Congratulations on your new business! You are now an age-defying beauty enhancer!

We invite you to join us at our next informational session to 


At Lumisenz we make more than most high paid medical

professionals and have more time for a desirable lifestyle?

At Lumisenz you get a full training package and a certification as a

Microcurrent & EMS Practitioner included?

At Lumisenz we love our it’s not really work right!

At Lumisenz we make our clients happy and healthy!

At Lumisenz our work is rewarding all the time!

Our business model offers:

  • Extensive training package

  • Start-up support from concept to complete operational clinic/spa

  • Full operational manual

  • Practitioner Certification (Natural Face-lifts, Skin Rejuvenation & Body Sculpting)

  • *3 medi-spa devices: Microcurrent Natural Face-lifts, Elapromed Transdermalporation, EMS Body Sculpting & Slimming

  • on going owner support to ensure your success

  • Lumisenz is extending an invitation to you to come join Founder, Dawn Wiggers for an informational business opportunity meeting.  

We will show you firsthand how you can:

  • make your dream of being your own boss come true within your budget

  • build your business based on your skills and talents 

  • make an above average income with one or several revenue streams

  • keep overhead low so you can pay off your business effectively and efficiently within your first 1-3 years 

  • demo the machines

  • answer your questions

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