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AUTHENTICITY, at the heart of this company you will find leaders that are filled with COMPASSION, ready to listen and care.  Lumisenz builds CONFIDENCE, and confidence radiates beautiful SUCCESS!

Overview  of organization

Lumisenz Business A ‘la Carte is a business method focused on offering women entrepreneurs an opportunity to build their own beauty industry business model based on their budget, skills and ability. Lumisenz is a simple operating system specializing in individualized rejuvenation programs within a spa-like environment.  Lumisenz has strategically and collectively combined health, wellness, fitness and beauty in one convenient treatment using EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) and MDF (micro-current) medi-spa technology to enhance results. Our corrective anti-aging products are eco-friendly, 100% natural and organic, without chemical or synthetic ingredients. Our menu includes a diverse selection of non-invasive, non-needle, non-incision body and face treatments that are safe, painless and rejuvenating.

Product and market overview


By taking technology manufactured for astronauts returning from space, Lumisenz capitalizes on the innovation in treatment of muscular atrophy and increased health rejuvenation and opens it to the general public. By providing a service which not only increases serotonin levels and lowers cortisol inflammation, but also produces aesthetic results, this business works within multiple facets of the Health/Bio-Science sector. Lumisenz takes the safest form of these technologies and allows their clients to tap into the biological and anatomical benefits of Micro-current EMS. Through consultation with bio-scientists, naturopaths and medical practitioners, Lumisenz has created opportunity for the public to reach the scientific heights used by NASA.

Lumisenz owners provide their clients with an alternative solution to anti-aging procedures for the face as well as body sculpting. Lumisenz procedures are affordable, safe, effective and convenient without pain or downtime. Using  non-invasive, non-inflammatory European pari-medi spa technology and 100% organic natural skin care products with age-defy solutions for youthful look and feeling: Lumisenz creates and instills beautiful confidence.

Our Story


As a business, Lumisenz functions in one of the most desirable sectors currently active in North America. 5 years after conceptions, Lumisenz offers entrepreneurial women an opportunity to be a part of one of the fastest growing industries of our time. With 25% growth year over year since 2006, the health, wellness, and beauty industry is predicted to be valued at 70 trillion dollars by 2028. This industry offers above average incomes and massive potential for growth; under the umbrella of Lumisenz we deliver these prospects with a central focus on compassion and without discrimination.


Lumisenz is in the business of helping individuals look and feel younger & healthier.  Lumisenz offers a range of face-lift, age-defying facials, health rejuvenation, and body sculpting services that are non-invasive, safe and painless. Our procedures use Electronic Muscle Stimulation and Microcurrent Face Lift & Elapromed Skin Correction anti-aging systems for immediate and lasting results. Using a holistic approach aimed at nurturing the body, our menu of services involves procedures that support cellular health rejuvenation, muscle conditioning & strength, fat reduction, circulatory, nervous and lymphatic system stimulation for optimal health. Our relaxing, safe, spa-like environment combines health, wellness, fitness and beauty all in one.



Lumisenz Body Sculpting & Health Rejuvenation Clinic was founded by Dawn M. Wiggers in 2013. Dawn Wiggers came into the health & beauty industry with 18 years of experience. With a background in fitness and wellness.  She also brings personal experience in transforming her past unhealthy lifestyle into a lifestyle that is not only healthy but sustainable using whole foods and natural resources.


Dawns past career entitled 23 years Marketing Specialist, Director, Business Operations officer and Sales Director for two large corporations as well as owning two corporations of her own. Her background in TV production and brand marketing provide her with a leading edge in developing a proven marketing plan and system that generates a high income.  She takes pride in helping individuals live their best life and reach their personal and professional goals.


Lumisenz recognizes that women wanting to start their own business and who are making the leap from being an employee to entrepreneur are looking for a small business opportunity with low overhead, high profit margins and simple operations.  A business opportunity that offers proven systems and that can be selected and obtained based on their skills, budget and desired lifestyle.


Dawn is committed to helping women achieve their goal of owning their own business and leading each owner/operator to success by example.  Offering training models that will fill the gaps their business development in areas of operational management, business planning, growth strategy, staff issues, training curriculums and procedures and financial recordkeeping.


Since starting her Lumisenz journey in 2013, Dawn Wiggers has been developing and reconstructing her business model to prove its viability and profitability. Testing many different scenarios, she piloted her concept over the next 5 years opening several independent clinic rooms. Dawn’s  relentless efforts to refine the business model to be simple, affordable and sustainable. 

Her tenacity and determination paid off to assist her in "dummy" proofing the business concept that is originally designed to be a franchise, has taken an innovative turn in 2018 when Lumisenz Corp evolved into a lucrative and innovative business concept; business model “a la carte.”


The new cliché for the lady bosses of the 20th century, “work less, make more money, have more freedom & time!”

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