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We are the first company to offer the most advanced, results driven training in EMS & Microcurrent technology with a certification as Technician or Practitioner. 

Lumisenz has developed a low-overhead, turn-key business model that generates an above average income combining 5 revenue streams.  We will teach you how to start-up your own clinic that has a proven track record of sustatinabilty and viabilty.  We will teach you how to operate a successful clinic that attracts our target market from a desireable demographics, the baby boomers.


When you purchase a certified Lumisenz Clinic you will be equipped with all the technology required to serve your guests plus all the training required to become a Certified EMS Body Sculpting and Micro-current Face-lift & Skin Rejuvneation practicitoner.  

We provide you with extensive training in sales consultations and marketing to a targeted audience You will learn how to be a skin specialist with the product knowledge of organic & natural skin care and cellular restoration. 

We strongly believe that for Lumisenz Corporation to be successful, we need to support the certified clinics, we offer on-going support so you feel like you are part of a team.  


Starting a company can be needlessly overwhelming to those who have never done it before.  The many hours invested in business development, lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, numerous professional fees, and decision making can get costly if handled without prior experience.  You dont need to worry about guessing, making the big mistakes or taking the risk we will guide  you with loads of experience. Lumisenz Corp. has fine tuned leaders that are looking forward to helping you build a customized business suited to your skills, budget and talent.


Lumisenz has taken the initiative to create Business “a la carte.”  We make it easy: a business building menu with tools, training modules and proven systems to handle everything involved in establishing a viable & profitable business. It’s available to entrepreneurs everywhere!


Your experience with us will be pleasant and we will provide you with personal, first-class assistance. We will offer services that are valuable to you and we will always treat you with kindness and ethically. We will strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  With matters of confidentiality will be respected and your business will be taken seriously.


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