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Anti-aging Organic Plant Stem Cell Skin Care Products 
Elaspa organic natural skin care products
Highly concentrated organic actives

At the heart of elaspa skincare products is a deep commitment to bringing a uniquely formulated active synergy of highly concentrated organic plant extracts, sourced from the most pristine, sustainable eco-systems around the world. We use only advanced, laboratory tested methods in creating potent formulas, rich with plant extracts, containing the highest and most effective properties. These scientifically proven formulas are intensified by blending active ingredients which, when combined in specific compositions, serve to enhance each other’s healing qualities. The results bring an invigorating boost to the skin along with an unparalleled anti-aging effect.

The effectiveness of our advanced formulas and methodology have been proven in prestigious laboratories in France, Switzerland, Japan, and Poland.

Our pure commitment

Innovative and superbly effective blends of highly concentrated organic and natural ingredients with at least 95% of ingredients in each product having restorative, rejuvenating, or other healing properties.

  • 100% natural

  • 98% certified organic ingredients

  • 95% active ingredients

  • 0% parabens, synthetic colorants & perfume, mineral oils, paraffins, pegs, radiated ingredients, GMO, synthetic silicon oils, skin-irritating minerals, materials derived from animals, nano-particles.

Optimal natural results

We use the highest concentration of synergistically blended organic, active ingredients. Our products contain medical grade ingredients ensuring therapeutic results. Instead of fillers, like water or perfume, our products are based on hydrolytes to further enhance the potency of our proprietary formulations, delivering superior and experiential anti-aging results.

Scientifically driven – clinically proven

elaspa products have been developed over two decades by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers, dermatologists and spa therapists. We utilize innovative, patented technologies to create blends of highly effective botanical extracts drawn from over 100 carefully selected, potent natural active ingredients.

Conscious skincare

Our products are created to offer the best results while respecting our environment and your health. We select the most potent, natural ingredients and advanced methods of extracting and blending in order to offer you products free from parabens, GMO, paraffins, synthetic colourants, fragrances or oils, nano-particles, skin-irritating mineral oils, and radiated ingredients.

Advanced & versatile

elaspa offers a complete facial and body system created for professional and home use. Our products are developed to be extremely effective in manual application and are compatible with all major spa technologies such as: ultrasound microdermabrasion, cavitation peeling, micro-needle mesotherapy, oxybrasion, and many more. Our line of retail products is designed to help maintain healthy and youthful skin on a daily basis.

Efficient & profitable

elaspa products are extremely efficient due to the highest known level of concentrated active ingredients. Almost 95% of the contents of each bottle are ingredients which have rejuvenating, restorative or other healing properties. One drop goes a long way. We provide detailed manuals with the exact amount of products used in every treatment to bring unparalleled results to your clients and to your spa. All of our products work synergistically, requiring a minimum amount of product to offer a maximum number of face treatments.

Naturally intelligent skin

All skin loves the benefits of natural and organic ingredients because they are fully compatible with the natural structure and renewal processes of your skin. Our comprehensive skincare allows for customised treatments to enhance the inherent intelligence of the skin, and to bring it to its optimum glow.

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