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 1. EMS Body Sculpting Practitioner

 EMS Body Sculpting Training & Certification

2. Micro-current Practicioner

Micro-current Face Lift  Training & Certification

Micro-current Skin Rejuvenation 

Elapromed Transdermalporation

3. Clinic Operations

4. Sales

5. Marketing

Sample Curriculum

1. EMS body system                                                                                      

Part i: overview

Part ii: EMS - electronic muscle stimulation

  1. Theory & history

  2. Review EMS manual

  3. Review equipment operations

  4. What is EMS, how and why it works

  5. Why choose EMS over other industry

  6. EMS programs

  7. Human muscle anatomy

Part iii: EMS programs & protocols

  1. Review protocols

  2. Diathermy

  3. Faradism

  4. Intensity programs review

  5. Demonstration treatment on model

Part iv: EMS consultations

Part v: EMS consultation practice (role play)

Part vi: EMS practicum testing (model required) and EMS exam review


2. Microcurrent natural facelift / galvanic skin rejuvenation system                       

  1. Theory & history

  2. Review MDF manual

  3. Review equipment operations

  4. What is MDF, how and why it works

  5. Why choose MDF over other industry

  6. MDF protocols & programs

  7. Face muscle anatomy

  8. Skin theory & assessments

Part vii: MDF protocols

  1. Review & practice protocols

  2. Galvanic skin rejuvenation

  3. Demonstration treatment on model

Part viii: MDF consultation

Part ix: MDF consultation practice (role play)

Part x: MDF practicum exam

  1. MDF & galvanism review – discussion & questions

  2. MDF & galvanism practicum testing with client (model required)

Part xi – MDF/galvanic written exam

  1. Review MDF manual & exam

  2. Write exam (1 hour)


Elapromed transdermalporation training                       

Part xii:  Review manual - discussion & questions

   1. Demonstration treatment on model

   2. Practicum testing with client (model required

Practicum Program                                                                                            

Two-week practicum training with real clients. A minimum of 10 real clients at 5 treatments each EMS & MDF and elapromed procedures is required to complete certification.

3. Medi-spa Business procedures - operations                                                  

Necessary contact information         

What you need to operate/clinic procedures          

Client intake forms & waivers

Supplies andmaterials

Treatment menus and price list

Sanitation & cleaners    

 4. Sales                                                                                           

Client prospecting

Your Typical Client

Typical traits of a client

Smart, Easy Ways to Find Customers

Qualify the prospective client  

Referral program            

Client retention

 Alumni Clients

Client turnover


5. Marketing                                                                                     

Promotional Material    

Marketing kit



Social media platforms and campaigns     

Your website


Booking appointments 

A typical work week schedule

Typical consultation appointment times

Taking time off (sustainability) 

Scaling your business

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