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beauty from the inside out!

 All 100% Natural & Organic, Non Toxic Skincare

Lumisenz certified clinics have only the best products and supplements to offer their guest. We take pride in knowing that our guests are receiving safe, non-toxic care intrnally and externally. 

Not only do we offer our guest the best products and supplements for cellular health and rejuvenation, we also offer our certified clinic owners more buying power as a group. 

Our owners will make more commisions; combining buying with all the Lumsienz cerified clinics increases the volume of our over all purchases and gives up an advantage to better discounts to increase our margins.

Elaspa Organic Skin Care

Elaspa Organic Skin Care & Elapromed Compounds

Elaspa and Elapromed are bar-none the best organic and natural skin care line on the market today.  They are all made with 96% anti-aging, 98% organic and 100% natural ingredients.  You cannot find anything more natural that gives noticible results like Elaspa & Elapromed.  Stem cell, palnt based and absorbution above measure!  Your guest will be addicted to this product line. 

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