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Lumisenz Micro-current Face-lift 
& Galvanic Skin Rejuvenation 

MICRO-CURRENT MDF Face-lifting & Galvanic Skin Rejuvenation System 

Microderm Facelift makes use of the latest, most gentle and painless method currently being used around the world by those individuals wishing to look years younger. The Microderm machine uses micro current, which is actually an abbreviation for microampere electrical neuromuscular stimulation, to lift and tone facial muscles using a non-invasive technique of electrode application. The micro current is sent through the skin via two hand held probes/electrodes. By utilizing the latest technology and highly conductive accessories, maximum lift and rejuvenation is achieved. The ability to reverse the signs of ageing, without having to resort to painful injections, lasers or expensive invasive cosmetic surgery is exactly what Micromere offers.


Iontophoresis: The introduction of active, water soluble molecules (ions) into the tissues and blood supply through the intact skin. A low level of micro current is sent electronically through the MICRODERM strategically placed facial probes through the molecules of the applied product, reducing the product to very small ions. This ionization facilitates more product penetration
into the skin for more effective utilization. Together, the non-surgical facelift and iontophoresis treatments enhance each other and are extremely effective in achieving desired results.

Desincrustation: Desincrustation is the removal of surface blockages. This treatment is often referred to as a deep cleanse. Desincrustation uses a direct, negative current which produces a chemical lye; saponifying and emulsifying follicular sebum over a period of time. This results in the loosening and removal of oily blockages in the follicles, reducing comedones, papules, pustules and other blemishes. This is done without damaging the surrounding skin which often occurs during extraction. The keratin bonds between the dead epithelial cells are broken down, resulting in a smoother skin texture.


  •  Safe, non-invasive, no scarring, no painful recovery period required

  • No side effects such as bruising, inflammation, infections and swelling

  • Less expensive

  • No unnatural, stretched results

  •  Relaxing

Most important functions

  • Tone up and contract the underlying muscles of the face and neck

  • Restore and recondition the tone and elasticity of both the skin & muscles

  • Stimulating collagen and elastin production

  • Provides a firmer, more youthful effect

  • Speed up the sloughing off process of dead, epithelial skin cells


Features 2 n 1 - Microcurrent lifting & galvanic skin rejuvenation

• Dual probe handles with rollers and balls. (Zink Free)

• Adjustable electronic timer control and display.

• Adjustable pulse speed and PPS

• Micro-current.

• Galvanic.

• Audio tone for treatment accuracy

• Micro-current display output (With Setting)

• 1 electro facial attachments EFA

• 4 elastic belts



Power Source main 220\240 Volts AC 50\60 HZ or

110\115 Volts AC 50\60 HZ

Power Consumption M ax 30 watts

Fuse Rating 1 Amps - Typical

Wave Form (Output) Monophasic

Pulse Duration (Output) 220 Micro second

Pulse Interval High: 11 - 20 Medium: 10 - 18

Low: 9 - 16 (Milli Sec)

Pulse Train Duration I information on request

Voltage output (Faradic Pad) Typically 20 volts with body contact

Program Format Pulse interval/pulse train duration changes up to

once per minute giving a total of up to 15 variations

per 15 minutes treatment and repeated for each

further 15 minutes period.

Galvanic Output 100 - 1000 Micro Amps

(Adjustable) at up to 24 volts (Max)

Galvanic Polarity Positive or negative selectable

Microlift Output Monophasic square wave 100 - 1000 Micro Amps

(Adjustable) at up to 24 volts (Max)

Microlift Output frequency 20 - 100 pulses per second

Microlift output duration 1 - 3 seconds on (adjustable) 1 second off fixed

Dimensions (L,W,H) 370x195x110

Weight 5.8 Kgs (Aprox.)

Packaged weight 7.5 Kgs

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